This is a face to face, over the interwebs, web call where we can talk about anything and everything. We can talk business, editing, ideas, goals, how to approve your photography, finding your style, post process workflow, marketing, how I make my clients comfortable, and just about anything else! 

These sessions are typically 1.5 hours and go for $400. Each additional hour is $300/hr. I really do like to cater every one of these to a person's specific needs and requests. So feel free to email me and let's chat about what might help you most! 



This session is designed to not only teach you a lot of information, but show you. We spend the first couple hours with an in-depth Q&A session where I answer any questions talking business, editing, style, marketing, etc that you've prepared for me. Then we'll venture out to do a styled shoot that I put together for you - styled to what will help build your portfolio in the direction you want it to go best. And from there I can teach you how I shoot, what I do to get my clients interacting and relaxed, and how I use the light. After that, we will venture back and I will show you my in-depth editing process from beginning to end and what my post-processing workflow looks like so you can get the most from it all.

These sessions go for $1000 are up 6 hours total. Like I mentioned I really am an open book! So feel free to email me so we can talk about how to make this session completely unique and personalized to you. 



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