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Creative Corner // Interview with Luna and Starr's Owner Brooke Elam // Local Boutique and Shop Owner in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Brooke T: Tell me a little bit about you. Who are you? Where are you from? What are some of your favorite things (places, things, passions, etc)

Brooke (Luna + Starr): Well, my name is Brooke. I've grown up in mason my whole life and am a true Cinci girl. From Skyline to Graters to the spending the day downtown, walking in the pouring rain, I love it all! I am the kind of person that is up to trying anything and everything, is constantly on the go and moving around and will laugh at literally everything. But trust me, I do love to have my lazy Netflix days, especially being a sophomore in high school I have such and bubbly sense of humor and love being kind in every way possible. I am a chocolate chip cookie and iced coffee enthusiast. Rosemary Beach, Florida is my happy place but my dream vacation is Greece. The architecture there is to die for. I love romcoms and trash TV. My friends and family are my everything! 

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Brooke T: How did you get started with Luna and Starr? What was your inspiration for creating your own clothing boutique?  And what inspires the styles you pick for Luna and Starr? 

Brooke (Luna + Starr): Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of having my own little store with clothes I could hand pick. I'd always walked into stores and loved seeing all the different styles and fabrics. But growing up, I had always been on the chunkier side haha with big hips and nothing seemed to fit right. I had trouble looking confident in the things I wanted to wear and felt nothing fit right. Even today, I feel like I walk in to only see smalls and things items that are meant to fit a literal stick! A couple of years ago, my mom got the opportunity to work at an antique center that had anything from old car models to trendy women's clothing. Seeing all of the people and audience that it attracted and all of these creators that had their own little space and my desire to have clothing items that girls like me can feel unique and confident in is what inspired to me to start Luna + Starr. I always want the clothes I pick to reflect my style: warm and cool tones, comfortable, airy and elegant. One of my favorite parts of the process is naming all of the items! I love to come up with funky and unique names to make the customer smile when they see each item. 

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Brooke T: How do you balance being a high school student and running your own business? 

Brooke (Luna + Starr): Let me tell you, being in high school is hard! Drama on top of drama on top of homework on top of drama! But Luna + Starr is an outlet for me. I look forward to expressing my creativity through my website designs and coming home and looking at the cutest clothes to the point that I seriously want all of them. But staying organized and using a calendar or planner is kind of life-saving. I do not know what I'd do without a planner haha. 

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Brooke T: What dreams do you have for Luna + Starr? 

Brooke (Luna + Starr): One day in the future, my absolute dream would be to open a storefront that people can come to and hang out, shop and leave with happy hearts! That is exactly what I want my clothing store to portray, a place where people can shop at an affordable price and feel their absolute best. But for now, we are just trying to grow and keep expanding our selections.

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Luna + Starr’s Shop location can be found in the Fort Thomas Antique and Design Center and can be found in all the corners of the internet below!

Luna + Starr’s Website

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Brooke’s Personal Instagram

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