Invincible Foundation Summer Showcase 2018 // Cincinnati Event Photographer Brooke Townsend

Over the summer last year, I volunteered for the Invincible Foundation’s first Summer Showcase for their dance camp! It was such a fun opportunity for me because I haven’t done much event photography in the past. And me being me, I’m always looking for new things to try out. And I couldn’t have been more excited to give my time to these guys.

The Invincible Foundation is a wonderful organization here in Cincinnati that has built summer programs that focus on encouraging young girls to step out of their comfort zones to try something new and enhance their confidence. The organization was started by Caitlin Dunkley in 2012 as a Senior Capstone and when she started it, she fell in love with the service and all the girls she got to teach! So, she’s been holding it every year since and it’s been growing every single year in popularity. Not to mention, she’s been able to expand the camps from Dance Camp to also hold Art Camp, Soccer Camp, and even Camp RISE which focuses completely on empowerment to these young girls all through the hard efforts of many volunteers and planning to keep these camps free for all attendees.

Last summer in 2018, the dance camp celebrated its 7th year running and put together this Summer Showcase for all the girls to show their friends and family everything they had learned together over the summer! So, it was wonderful to be invited in and document this amazing event for all these incredible ladies.

Romantic Engagement Session in Lebanon, Ohio // Sydney + Nate // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer Brooke Townsend

A Romantic Wedding at Cincinnati's Monastery Event Center // Ali + Chris // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer Brooke Townsend

Ali + Chris had the most beautiful day at probably my favorite venue in Cincinnati, The Monastery Event Center. The way these guys decorated that magical place felt like Hogwarts and a Disney movie had a baby together. And to add to the uniqueness of it all, Ali really embraced my advice in incorporating as many details of their love story as possible with their wedding photos! So, for their first look, we got the awesome experience to do it with Pedal Wagon because that’s how these two actually met! And honestly, that made me so frickin excited to make a part of their wedding photography story.

On top of that, their fur-baby Hendrix not only stopped by to say hi and be loved on by the entire bridal party, but also walked down the aisle as the guest of honor! So if you like doggies, fun, and all things wedding and pretty, press play and enjoy these <3