Kayce | Senior at Lebanon High School | Lebanon, Ohio

52 Weeks Project | Week 14 | Skydiving

Brooke Townsend 063.jpg

I'm just going to start this out with the obvious... which is... 


I know technically this isn't really a "creative" portrait that I took myself (which is what the intention of this project is each week) but this is obviously the biggest highlight of my entire week so I couldn't not dedicate this week's photo to this experience. 

Now, I'm also going to say that putting this experience into words is really, really hard to do for me. I feel as though if there is any part of you that wants to skydive, you NEED to make it a point to do it in your life even if it's only a small part of you that wants it. Because this is unlike anything else you're going to ever experience. 

For me and my friends experience yesterday, we arrived at the Middletown Airport at 8am, divided up into smaller groups where we took two separate planes going up. We suited up. Nerves cranked up real high the closer we got to gathering up in the plane. And everyone was dealing with the looming danger of this new experience in their own separate ways. But when the moment came where we were all up in the air, all 13,500 feet of it, we each faced our adventurous experience with no second thoughts, and I'm so incredibly proud of all of us for that :) 

It was intimidating. Nerve-raking. Exhilarating. Scary. Ill-logical. Beautiful. Gut-wrenching. Life changing. Inspiring. Limitless. Blissful. Extraordinary. And truly awesome in it's finest definition.

It is simply something you need to experience, like I said, if there is even the smallest part of you that wants to push the boundaries of fear and embrace your inner adrenaline junkie. 

Speaking of pushing the boundaries of fear, watch this video by Will Smith and his skydiving experience.

In that video, he talks about how the finest things in life are just beyond the point of your maximum level of fear. And this skydiving experience truly paints that picture well.

Everyday I really do try to practice "fear fighting" on all levels. From having uncomfortable but needed conversations with people. Standing up in front of an entire room of people and directing them during a wedding. To acknowledging what is holding me back and creating goals to knock the resistance away.... it's growth opportunities as an individual to become the best versions of ourselves as possible. 

And this? Pushing the boundaries of what human evolution logically wants to save me from because it's literally looking death in the face and laughing at it. And that blissful experience is something I cannot recommend highly enough!!!!!

I did fork out the extra money to pay to have this whole experience documented. Because really. How can I not? 

Below is the footage StartSkydiving.com film and put together for me. And I'm going to say that I absolutely adored my aerial photographer!!! (I may or may not keep that job as an idea on the back burner...)

PS: The girls I went skydiving with are actually my second shooters at weddings!! If I'm shooting your wedding, one of these ladies will be accompanying me for your day :)