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52 Weeks Project | Week 6 | Independence Day


Happy Birthday America ! 

Regardless of where you find yourself on the political spectrum, where your beliefs take you, how you live your life in this country, and no matter the realities of how imperfect this country is, what it's done, and everything it may do... we cannot deny the fact and privilege we all have being residents of this country. No matter where you may also fall on the social spectrum. 

We have the right to speak out against things that are evil, unjust, and wrong. And then to follow through and fight it. As a woman, I have the freedom to dream and to be as much as I want to be and then to follow through with my dreams with as much ambition as any man, which is a basic right denied to many women in a lot of places of the world still. 

All Americans have basic rights that are protected in a way unlike any other. And have founding principles that are beautiful in all their meaning, regardless of how history embraced them and how some people may also still choose to categorize it.

This country is far from perfect, but the basic ideology that formed this country has driven some of the most life changing inventions and overall growth as a species. And that is something to be incredibly proud of. 

I kept things super simple for this week since I'm in need of major editing time with client work, shooting 3 weddings, and a couple photoshoots. If you recognize this field, it's actually the one I used for my bridal shoot back in May. See those photos here

And of course below you will find the behind the scenes video for this week! And I even added a few clips from my little backyard 4th of July :)