little miami

Amy + Mitch | Engaged in Lebanon, OH

I always walk away from a photoshoot with something. And this photoshoot gave me some much needed inspiration! 

Amy and Mitch invited me to come along to their family's property where they are currently living out in the countryside near Morrow, Ohio. The house on the property is an old 1800's school house that has been fixed up and renovated in different ways over the year giving it and the entire property so much character. And if you know me - I'm all about vintage (heart eyez for dayz guyz). Not to mention, the weather turned out BEAUTIFULLY making this my first sunny session of the year! (Double Score!)

And all of this matches these two so well! They were all smiles together during our session and it didn't take long for them to be completely themselves in front of the lens. I always admire couples who are comfortable being EXACTLY who they are with each other!! And Amy and Mitch seem to bring the best out of each other. So, you can say, this photographer had a great time photographing them!

I'm really lookin' forward to photographing these two tieing the knot in September :)