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The Rice Family | Cincinnati Family Photographer

I don't normally write anything for my portrait sessions because I shoot so many these days! But this one, I want to share a little something extra. 

I've been photographing one of the couples of this family, Lauren and Chris, since they discovered me back in 2011. I did their engagement photos, wedding photos, and most recently their anniversary session up in Chicago (see that session here). 

Well, Lauren wanted me to capture photos of not just her and Chris this time, but of her whole immediate family. They are such a fun group of people and it was so nice getting to see how their family has grown since Lauren and Chris's wedding in 2014. 

Lauren now has a little niece named Charlotte who is the daughter of Erin (one of Lauren's sisters). And just 4 days after doing this photoshoot with this beautiful family, Charlotte became very ill and was soon diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and my heart is completely broken.

I want to spread as much awareness I can to help this little baby girl who is just two years old to help her and this whole family fight cancer together. If you want to help support or contribute to this baby girls recovery, please visit their GOFUNDME page and follow Charlotte's Brave Fight facebook page. I really do believe they're going to beat this!! 

Anyway, enjoy these beautiful and special photos of a family full of life, laughter, and a whole ton of sass. 

Michelle + Mark | Indianapolis, IN | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

52 Weeks Project | Week 7 | Hansei


Hansei is the Japanese word and expression for self reflection. To acknowledge one's mistakes and pledge for improvement one way or another. And especially when you are running a business of any kind, this sort of self reflection for self improvement has to happen from time to time at varying degrees. And these night time city views over downtown Indianapolis sent me to that mental state. 


I was in town for an engagement shoot and afterward I grabbed some dinner, scoured over google maps for a rooftop parking garage to get some awesome views of the city, parked up, and took some self portraits to reflect the time, place, mood, and everything that was happening for me. And it got me thinking about that 17 year old girl I once was with a dream and a strong spirit to chase after it. 

I'll probably dedicate an entire week's photo to that very thing - maybe even write a letter to that girl - but for now, this is me peering into a city I had never been to before for work for a job that I created for myself as a creative entrepreneur. I've been full time now for a little over a year but have been practicing this photography craft for over a decade now shooting weddings 6 of those years. And during that whole time I now find myself living the dream my relentless soul wished for ever since I was a little kid - to be an artist, in all aspects of the word. To explore, document, and create in all capacities. To help people see the beauty in the world, in themselves, and what they share with others.

To me, that all makes life so much more worth living. 

Below is this week's behind the scenes video diary which kinda turned out more as a quick video snippet/talking rant instead of the how to's for this week. Things are slightly slowing down for the next week so I will attempt making something a little more in depth next week ^.^