Leo's Halloween Costume 2019 // Brooke Townsend Photography

In case you didn’t know, my son’s name is Leo and he’s completely obsessed with space.

He’s only 3 and a half and this kiddo knows every single planet, in order from the sun all the way out to the farthest reaches of the solar system. And can even identify dwarf planets and their locations as well.

He’s even told me the names of some of the moons of the different planets completely on his own. Some of which he taught ME because I didn’t even know they existed.

And what’s absolutely magical to me is that he’s taught almost all of this to himself thanks to his little nerdy heart constantly watching science/math related YouTube videos and the books he likes to read with us. (I seriously can’t get him interested in watching anything else right now lol!)

So, you can only guess what his answer was when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween this year.

An Astronaut <3_<3

And since this year’s costume is just so special to his actual loves and interests, I wanted to take the photos next level and take him on a little nature walk through Clifton Gorge and let him just play and pretend to be a real life astronaut. So we pretended to moon jump and find different specimens and looked for “space creatures” and I’m just so thankful to have these little photos to remember this time.

So, enjoy these little nuggets of my little astronaut <3

Til Death Do Us Part // Chanel + Dan // Brooke Townsend Photography

For this week’s Halloween post I wanted to re-share some images I took of two of my favorites last year, Chanel + Dan!

You might remember this shoot from last year. But, I wanted to re-edit some of my favorites in a more moody tone and give these images more life that I couldn’t find time to really do last year. So, here we are :)

It’s amazing how this shoot went. My original plan was to photograph these guys through Spring Grove Cemetery. But due to how long the makeup took, we arrived at that location just minutes before they closed. So we couldn’t get in. I had to think on the fly for a backup spot and remembered this spot I scouted under a bridge for THEIR wedding photos back in 2017 but we never used it on the day because we ran out of time!! So I thought it would be so fitting to do this spooky shoot in a spot I planned to photograph them on their wedding day :) And honestly, I think I like the way these ended up turning out more because of it.

My amazingly talented sister did the makeup for this shoot once again. And Chanel did the outfit planning for the two of them. So, this simple and combined efforts of all of us really made this one of my favorite shoots to date. Not to mention, we took a walk through Clifton after the shoot to get some Insomnia Cookies and seeing Chanel spook the girls working by just walking up to the counter made my NIGHT.

Cannot believe Halloween is just a FEW DAYS AWAY!! My little Leo is going to be an astronaut this year (if you know him at all, you know how fitting that is lol!) so be on the lookout for next week’s post to see my little man’s look for the year :)

Steampunk Skull Shoot with Holly Denham // Halloween Mini Series // Brooke Townsend Photography

Well, this was a fun one. And a random one! Last month I got together spur of the moment with my sister Holly to do this fun and super random creative photoshoot with our dad’s new skull mask he picked up in Charleston this past summer. We went right up the road to downtown Middletown for our location and just kept things simple and easy for this one. But I wanted to challenge myself to one thing for this shoot and that was creating spooky/moody sunset photos! Because really, I’m usually photographing people in love under a setting sun. So I’ve never had the opportunity to create something so moody before with a sunset. So, I’m really happy with how that all turned out :) But also, dayuuuuuum to my sis for bein a great model for me!!

Also, fun story with this shoot lol

While adventuring around downtown Middletown,
someone called the cops on us. And it just so happened
that the cop pulled up to us while I was taking this photo of Holly
(because she loves dinosaurs):


Cop pulled up next to us at this spot

”You guys just doing a photoshoot?”

Me: “Yeah. Just wanting to really capture her in her truest element”

Cop Laughed and said: “I really don’t even care. Have fun!”

Oh the fun stories I’ll get to tell my son someday… haha