Hospital Photos of Leeland Barrett Smith // Cincinnati Newborn Photographer Brooke Townsend

Earlier this year I had the absolute honor of documenting the birth of Baby Leeland for some of my favorite people <3

I have photographed every milestone for this wonderful family since their engagement session in 2013. So I've done their engagement, wedding, anniversaries since, their first son's maternity and newborn photos, holiday photos, and then they got pregnant with Leeland and asked me the incredible honor of documenting his birth. And I cannot even tell you how much it meant to me they asked me not only for another milestone of theirs... but to be apart of one of the biggest moments of their lives. And one of the most intimate. So, I couldn't refuse these guys.

I got a call around 5:30 pm on January 22 that Brooke went into labor and was headed to their hospital up in Columbus! So I dropped everything and headed up that way as quick as I could. By the time I got there, she was in full labor and contractions and man that momma is a strong one because she didn't use any medications or drugs to get through this experience. Or any of it! And since this was her second, her body moved really quickly through the process and basically one thing led to another and just a few hours later, at 10:39pm, Leeland was born!And I sat right along side them documenting the whole experience.

I remember shedding some tears of joy for these guys and gave Danny a huge hug congratulating them both. And man my own momma feels were goin through the ROOF remembering my experience with my own son and just realizing how precious and sacred life truly is. And to be invited with open arms into this life changing experience for the two of them truly is the biggest honor I could ever ask for. So, thank you so much Brooke and Danny for continuing to invite me into your lives and make me feel like a part of the family - and making me your life photographer. There isn’t anything in this world that could mean more to me in my career.


After Leeland’s birth and everyone got settled, I found a hotel for the night, backed up all my photos, and got some sleep. Before heading home, I wanted to stop by the hospital again, check in on them, and get Leeland’s first official photos being just a few hours old! So, the morning after was spent with these guys again and I even got a chance to snuggle and love on this little babe before making the drive home.


Creative Corner // Interview with Holly Denham // Artist in Cincinnati, Ohio

In January I got to photograph Holly Denham to help create some content for her for social media and marketing material. Holly has been an artist her entire life but is turning her fire and passion for it all into a growing side hustle that can help create new opportunities for her and her family while simultaneously growing her skills and talents. This is a little interview about her and her process!

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BROOKE: What got you started into art?

HOLLY: Art has really always been in my life in one way or another. I can remember doing something creatively driven as far back my first memories. I started experimenting more with drawing in 5th and 6th grade drawing moneys and dinosaurs more than anything else. 

Once I got into high school, I started replicating Disney movie scenes and characters, then progressed to replicating more complex fantasy art. Throughout high school, I was in Ceramics, Fine Art, 2D Studio, Web Design, and really anything I could fit into my school schedule while still drawing on my own after school. 

I focused mainly on sketching for a long time and that was really the base for where I officially launched myself publicly with my art. Ever since then, I’ve been teaching myself through experimentation, watching lots of tutorial and time lapse videos, learning about supplies and techniques, making lots of mistakes, and growing from there.

BROOKE: I think it is absolutely incredible that you are almost entirely self taught. I think it can be so hard for people, myself included, to start out knowing how bad you are at drawing or painting or anything like that and just sticking with it long enough to get better. I’ve heard of so many artists that say the best way to get better is just to get started and never stop.


BROOKE: What mediums do you like to use the most?

HOLLY: Sketching and watercolors the most hands down. I love the style of inking a ton, but I’m still gaining skill in that department!

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BROOKE: What are your favorite things to draw or paint? 

HOLLY: My subject matters that I enjoy drawing/painting the most vary. I love drawing dinos, anything space themed, dark toned pieces, and sci-fi. I’m very naturally drawn to the darker and dreamy sides of art.

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BROOKE: How long have you been drawing? 

HOLLY: As long as I can remember. I used to be really bad about stopping and putting it away for a year or more at a time, but kept finding that I was still improving when I would go back to it. I don’t let myself do that anymore, and having my art be so public has helped motivate me to keep going.

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BROOKE: Who are your top 5 favorite artists/influences? 

HOLLY: This is really hard to narrow down. I honestly have a huge list of artists who I love and draw inspiration from. I could easily make this list 3x as long. Shawn Coss, Gretel Lusky, Agnes Cecile, Terrance Whitlow, Tanya Shatseva