52 Weeks Project | Week 51 | The Other Side of the Sea


It's dangerous business
going out your door. 
You step onto the road
and if you don't keep your feet, 
there's no knowing
where they'll be swept off to. 

-Bilbo baggins


I've always been a wanderer. Looking for unique things. Different things. Adventure. Purpose. Or knowledge. And my feet often carrying me to so many different places that I almost never have time to think enough to stop myself from going there. And I think it might be subconsciously on purpose. 

My feet carried me into London yesterday with my little family. And they've also been carrying me throughout the southeast of England for the last 11 days enjoying quiet time with family, friends, and some r&r before the next craze of wedding season. It's been a much needed refuel and I can't wait to use that fuel into some new art and creativity with some awesome people this summer. 


If you're wondering why Big Ben looks like a robot... or if I stepped into an actual time machine into 1859... it's actually just Houses of Parliament getting a bath and a much needed face lift. But I'm not mad that it makes this photo look slightly more steam punkish.


This whole project officially wraps up next week and I'm having so many mixed feelings about it. But looking forward to starting some new things.