Leo | Second Birthday


Our little Leo turns 2 today and I’m just all over the place.
As any momma ever is.
I can’t believe we are here. But then again, I’m so happy we are.
At 2, Leo is FIREY. Independent. And absolutely full of life.
He’s got his momma’s soul.
His daddy’s heart.
And a mind that is all of his own.
And honestly, I cannot wait to celebrate all of him today.


I’ve been hard at work creating a monster theme birthday party for him (because let’s be honest, terrible two’s have made an early entrance over here and have been REALLLLLLL. Paul and I have been calling him our little monster haha). But I’m so excited for Leo to finally see all of this I’m putting together for him. Believe it or not, almost all these decorations were leftovers from my niece/nephew’s birthday parties I’ve hosted over the years!!! (Perks of being a hoarder?)


Leo woke up on his birthday morning to his room filled with balloons!! He had so much fun having all his friends and family come over too for a big birthday bash and said “WOW” to all his decorations. ok… my heart melted. But really, the best thing was genuinely seeing how happy and loved he really is. Thank you to everyone who came to his party!

Oh, and if you’ve made it this far, I’ll treat you with another little video clip from his birthday. I basically cry everytime I look at this. Thank you so much Dad for filming this for me!!