52 Weeks Project | Week 46 | The Explorer


Your mission is to document
and observe the world around you
as if you've never seen it before. 
Take notes. Collect things on your travels. 
And document your findings. Notice
patterns of the world. Copy. Trace. And focus
on one thing at a time. Record what
you are most drawn to along the road of life. 


I did a little exploring this week. Twice actually. For the main purpose of taking some new self portraits for social media purposes.

First time was with the photo I used for the project this week up top. Believe it or not I took that at Liberty Center's parking garage. 

Second time was yesterday at a new studio location I recently discovered up in Dayton (The 804 Studio). I used the location for my senior shoot and had some time left over so I went ahead and explored the building a little more before calling it a day, just setting up my camera on a tripod as I went. And now I'm just DAY DREAMING of a day I can officially call a space like this my very own. (But I'll just keep pretending that beautiful industrial landscape is actually mine) 

Yesterday reminded me though how much I enjoy exploring. And how much of a part of me it is. Because I spent a lot of my early 20's exploring abandoned buildings, industrial landscapes, and always, always, always searching for adventure. To document new things. Different things. And explore the forgotten. 

But since these past 4 or 5 years, my priorities of work, building my business, and becoming a mother became my focus. And I'm happy now I did that grind with my work especially. Because I wouldn't be the self employed business woman that I am now. And being a mother, I have learned, is it's own kind of adventure that I will soon miss with every fiber of me. Because this boy is growing quicker than I can keep up with! And in just a few years time, he'll be able to come along for the ride on some of these little adventures of mine. And I cannot WAIT for those days. 

Until then, I'll take what I can get. And make the most out of the littlest experiences because exploring motherhood has been the best adventure I've been on yet.