52 Weeks Project | Week 44 | Type A


So there is a pretty common theory floating around that describes people into two types of categories. One being type A and the other type B. 

In case you don't know, type A is described as people who have personalities that are more competitive, highly organized, ambitious, and overall more impatient. While type B is described as being much more relaxed, live and operate at lower stress levels, and work steadily focusing less on winning, and moreso enjoying the game regardless.


I've learned about myself that I naturally am a Type A personality. That when a situation arises, I formulate lists of tasks to complete, focus on what solutions can solve the problems, and overall tend to be my best when things are the hardest and I'm in control of it all.

But, I fall apart when things aren't organized and have had to learn to adjust to things because life itself does not actually follow a plan (whyyyyy). And I am still teaching myself how to slow down and relax. Because, naturally, my ambition literally keeps me up at night constantly thinking of new things I can create, do, and even explore. Because I feel that life is too short to live otherwise. 


But I have found personal exercises that help me calm down. 

For one, making lists! 

I've discovered 'Bullet Journaling' and it's honestly helping my brain SO MUCH right now. Because in the past week I have come up with rebranding ideas for my business, a couple story ideas to tackle writing after this 52 weeks project, remodeling this house, and I'm beginning plans for Leo's 2nd birthday coming up. So physically creating lists in a Bullet Journal that Paul got me helps me separate the different ideas from each other and actually create tasks to make each one possible to bring to reality. So a lot of my free time has been about making these lists to organize my thoughts <3


In other news, we painted some of the walls in this house this week for the first time since we moved in 5 YEARS AGO. Which is why I moved all the living room furniture out of the way to take this shot with our new color <3

It's amazing how refreshing it feels and how much more it makes this place feel like "ours". We've been so busy working, paying things off, and using what money we had left to travel these last few years... so the house just hasn't gotten much attention since we moved in in 2013.

But this year will be the year that all changes <3 Because I'm so ready to make this place the home we've never, ever had.

(Now let me just get that list going...)