52 Weeks Project | Week 43 | Colors


I don't want to be pretty. Nor beautiful. 
I just want to be as radiant as the Sun. 


Well, the first day of Spring was a couple days ago! And ironically here in Cincinnati we saw more snow than we have in weeks lol. Luckily, the snow melted just in time for this colorful shoot I had in mind though so I can't complain! 

I originally planned on doing this shoot by myself. But I thought I'd throw it out there to my best friends to see if they would be interested in joining me. And by every miracle in the universe, we were able to actually get together (ALL 4 OF US) for the first time in probably a year or more. And it turned out to be the best little evening under the setting sun I could have asked for <3


My concept this week was to embrace color as much as possible. Because to me, that represents Spring. But because my girls joined along for this shoot, it almost added a whole new meaning to it all for me. Because to put it plainly, these girls add so much color to my life. (Yes. Pun intended.)(Yes, go ahead and roll your eyes haha)

These girls are my go to for emotional support. They give me a chance to be my goofy self and more often than not get goofy right back at me. They encourage me to try new things and even be the best version of myself possible (AKA, drinking more water and eating less pasta 😂). They keep me in check. Give me fulfillment. Happiness. And even the best memes on the internet that make me ugly laugh with more double chins than one could count.

All in all, life just wouldn't be the same without these girls in my life. 


And if you're the curious little monkey like I am, you're probably wanting a back story. If not, just scroll for the cute pics <3

Holly is actually my sister. So we've been friends since she came to Earth in 1990 (I had to suffer through a whole 1 year and 5 days without her being here 😒). And although I've heard most people don't get the privilege to be friends with their siblings... my sister and I have always been best friends. We can speak telepathically and have even invented our own language. But in general, she is actually my soul mate because she has always understood me in a way nobody ever really could. We've always gamed together. Arted together. And can talk about literally anything. (Can you see hints of our secret language? 😂)


Jessie is my sister from another mister and has been adventuring around with me since the year 2000 (we were only 9 and 10!). Our friendship started with little chalk drawings and long bike rides. But what was always awesome about Jessie was that she was always willing to join in on any craziness we were doing like it was the norm for her too. So, we've cosplayed together. Went through that Nintendo craze together. Fell hard for Star Wars Galaxies. And she pretty much lived at our house every summer growing up. And beyond all that amazingness, (Uncle Jessie) Jessie and I even into our adult years always seem to be on the same wavelength and that has fused our friendship into something that will make us the real golden girls someday no matter what this life throws at us. 


Julia came into my life in 2009! When we were both at the confused age of 19 trying to figure out life. But it wasn't until the chasing of pirate ships that our friendship really fused together where we discovered our crazy family dynamics being so similar and our small obsession with the musician Lights. But since those early and more confusing days, we've gotten so much closer traveling together, actually working together, and even running a business together! We have the kind of friendship where conversations last hours and get really real really fast. And to top it off, we've had quite a few late nights running wild under the moonlight being dorky as heck and louder than anything else. 


So thanks ladies for all sticking with me through these years. And being a huge light in my life. Thanks for all the adventures, big and small. And I promise to make more creative things happen like this more often <3 Love you guys <3