52 Weeks Project | Week 42 | The Tomb Raider


Girls like her were born in a storm. 
They have lightning in their souls. 
Thunder in their hearts. 
And chaos in their bones. 


I cannot share how frickin excited I am to share with you guys my huge passion for Tomb Raider! On the day the newest movie starring Alicia Vikander comes out no less. 

Story time. 

20 years ago, my dad came home from work bursting through the door pretending to shoot bad guys, spun around in circles, and jumped through the living room and into the kitchen where he quickly threw onto the kitchen table a copy of Tomb Raider III and simply said to me "I think I found something you're going to love." I was 8. And more excited than I think I had ever felt up until that point. 

My love for the game turned into a love for Lara Croft herself. Because she was unlike anything else I was exposed to at that age. She was confident, fiercely independent, super smart, and a total bad ass traveling around the world exploring the mysteries of ancient civilizations while simultaneously fighting off the evils of the world. So she quickly became a HUGE role model for me. I wanted to play more games. Then I started to collect the Top Cow comics when I was around 10 and fell in love with the movie Angelina Jolie starred in. And that movie was basically my Spice Girls. Then more games came out during my teens. More books. And my admiration for her never stopped. 

I've collected so many things over the years from art pieces, to statues and figures, all my comics, soundtracks, books, and most of the games. And I'm always looking for new things to add to my little collection. I've even had the opportunity to visit a couple of the film locations during my first trip to England in 2007! And my nerd self was so stupidly giddy those days. (Photos from those below. And I have more film locations on my "To Travel" list)

When I really sit and think about it, there isn't another "thing" out there that influenced me more growing up. My own inner adventurer gravitated to Tomb Raider as a life source and it gave me vision for my own ways of life that I still embrace today. I'm always going to be a die hard Tomb Raider fan looking for new little bits and pieces to add to my collection. But I'll never be able to replace the sort of fulfillment the entire franchise has given me in my life. And I'll always admire the edge it stood on in creating a strong female lead in an industry where women more often than not were just there to be saved. Lara was the first character I was exposed to that just unapologetically did her thing without needing anybody. And I'm so thankful such a strong female had a chance to become a world icon over the past couple decades. 

It's hard to know how to end this! Because I could talk about Tomb Raider for forever. But, I will say that I'm super excited to be going to the movie tonight, with my parents no less, who whole-heartedly embraced my nerdy obsession throughout my childhood taking me to the comic book stores, helping me make my Halloween costumes (because at least 3 or 4 years was me being Lara), letting me stay up late playing my games, and had to deal with my endless amounts of excitement anytime Tomb Raider was mentioned. And they'll have to deal with it tonight too!!! 

'Til next time. My fellow Tomb Raiders. 


"The extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are."

-Lara Croft