52 Weeks Project | Week 41 | Trades of Hope


I absolutely adore my new little coin bank for my office so much that I had to feature it this week. And honestly, it's because of where it came from. A little company called Trades of Hope. 

I did some research about Trades of Hope and it's this wonderful little organization that sells handmade goods supplied by women all over the world. It's a registered Fair Trade organization and Trades of Hope specifically choose women artisans suffering under poverty but looking to change their circumstances with opportunity. And that opportunity is working under Trades of Hope! 

This little coin bank was hand made by a woman in Bangladesh. And buying this, and anything else from Trades of Hope, helps support these women in changing their circumstances. Even if it's just a little. 


You should know I'm not being paid to say any of this. I just genuinely fell in love with this little company shining some light in this dark world. And even with my small contribution and sharing of this, I hope more things like this can exist inside this free market at home <3