52 Weeks Project | Week 40 | Ancestry


Walking amongst the stars, I often wonder who you are. The hundreds of random loves that it took to randomly place me here amongst these people, in this time, in this little corner of space. I wonder about your stories. Your ambitions. Your fears. And everything you did and didn't do. I wonder how much of that floats in the corners of my subconscious and makes up my randomly sorted DNA codes. And then my mind wanders into deeper thoughts about all those that will be after me. And what I'll help do to drive humanity forward - consciously, and subconsciously - with what I've been given and what I'm capable of. You are the power within me and no matter where this life goes, my stories will be just a great few chapters in such a long, long book of life. 


So I actually did this shoot with my sister! And honestly, it morphed into something completely different than what I originally thought of. But I love the direction it's gone. The tribal paint was inspired from picking up a paint brush and doing some water color for the first time in literal years this week. And I seriously forgot how much I loved making things with my hands. I've always been an artist at heart and although photography will probably always be my go to for self expression, painting this below was an absolutely rejuvenating way to spend an afternoon. So, here's to some renewed levels of creativity <3