Mr + Mrs Connelly

Ellen and Will tied the knot under the trees of Carillon Historical Park in Dayton, Ohio witnessed by such a loving and supporting family. Their ceremony was so unique too in the sense that it was deep, spiritual, and authentic to who Ellen and Will are as people. Who are two souls who simply love beyond words in the most unconditional ways. If there is couple goals, it's these two. 

Ellen and Will chose Carillon because it's a place she used to go when she was a kid. She used to play under those trees and run up and down the hill of the bell tower. And as a little girl, she dreamed of getting married the place that brought her so much joy. And Will being Will, was all about it. 

I got a lot of time with the two of them that day. And it was wonderful to slow down, capture them, and tell their love story through these images. And I'm going to be completely candid with you, I truly cannot help but tear up when I look at some of their images in this collection. 

Press play and enjoy.