Best of the Best 2018

Man, oh man. How are we here already?! I can still remember doing my recap for 2017 (see that here) and honestly, it feels like it was only a few weeks ago. This year has gone by quicker than any other year in the past. But honestly, it’s been one of the best of my life. 2018 has been full of adventure. Growth. Challenges. Change. But, a whooooooole lot of happiness. Happiness with my business. In my personal life. And everything else inbetween.

for the first time ever, it was super easy for me to put together this set of images for this year. Between my travels to New England, Canada, Original England (lolz)… this year has been full.

But work too has fulfilled me so, so, so much. From pushing myself to create new types of photographs at every single session. To going to new places altogether. And honestly spending so much time with so many amazing people who more often than not made me laugh until I cried. But on top of all of that, my year has been filled with so many adventures that it’s hard for me to wrap it altogether here.

I want to personally thank every single person who has let me capture your stories this year. Letting me into your lives to document the biggest and most special milestones while simultaneously welcoming me as long lost friends makes this job the best dang job I could ever have. I love every single one of you and hope that anything we made together will help you know and remember just how much you and your own stories mean to me!!

Last year’s recap I shared a Sleeping At Last song. And this year I want to do the same thing. But I’m going to share my ennegram type song that I indentify with because honestly, it’s more fitting than anything ever could be. Press play and dive into a year in the life of this Type 7


This year I photographed a total of 20 weddings. 80 portrait shoots. Drove just over 8000 miles between the months of June-October alone. Visited 12 states and 3 countries. But all that to the side, I want to give a huuuuuge shout out to my amazing second shooter this year, Holly, who partnered with me and documented this year for me in such a unique way while also giving me much needed sanity breaks, late night talk sessions, and excuse to go to Mcdonald’s for midnight adventures. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to survive and THRIVE this season. So, thank you Holly for all of your incredible work and dedication this year. I’m excited to ring in another year being partners! (And yes, side note, if you couldn’t tell we are sisters!)


Anyway, I thought it would be fun to end this post this year with a little behind the scenes. Because honestly, that’s the stuff that usually only makes it to my insta stories over on @brooketownsendphoto. And between me and Holly capturing this year, there’s tons of that to share. So, here are some of my favorite moments amongst all the wonderful weddings and shoots we got to do together. And thank you again to everyone who has made this year one for the books. I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for me and everyone else in my life!