52 Weeks Project | Week 33 | No Words


My inner introvert has completely taken over this year so far. I go through spurts from time to time where I go into a hibernation and really embrace acts of self care. Paying close attention to what my spirit needs most. And during those times, I often have trouble finding words to speak with to just about anybody. 

But this week, in response to the demands of my inner self, I have done so many things in regards to my personal self care. I got myself a full length mirror which is the first time I have had one in my adult life (yeah. I'm 28 currently, hah!). I went rock climbing with my girlies. Started up yoga again. Finished my first book of 2018 - A Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck. I discovered Sabrina Carpenter and have fallen in love with her music (this song and this too are my favorites right now). Had a shopping day with my mom. I even took time to clear out my entire personal instagram feed (@brookentownsend) for a fresh start in this new year. And also archived some of my personal photography/family moments on a pretty new blog (see that here if you want)

And now, the later half of this week will be dedicated to getting the house cleaned up before our trip up to Banff next week and getting my suitcase/gear packed up! I cannot wait to get lost with Paul in the Canadian rockies. Be sure to follow along on insta if you want to see some of that trip as we go :) @brookentownsend