52 Weeks Project | Week 32 | Happy New Year!


It's officially 2018!!! 

I have to admit I'm a little sad to leave behind 2017! Because 2017 truly was one of the greatest years I've had. It was a year of so many firsts with Leo. So many firsts with the business. And so much growth within it and myself honestly. 

But, with it being such a good year, that makes me excited for 2018! Because I want to continue on this path of growth and embrace all that life has to offer. Which, I know everybody says this time of year. But I really mean it! 

I started thinking about what my specific resolutions might be this year. And although I have a pretty hefty goal list, I started thinking about the ways I might be able to enrich my life more instead of just accomplishing things. So, I narrowed it down to 3 things: 

1) Read more books
2) Find a way to have more free time to read said books
3) Lose my next 15 lbs (lost 15 lbs in 2017)


I'm going to admit too that this shoot was SO fun to do that it was almost therapeutic for me! Last week I really struggled to get something created for this project. I went through 3 different concepts all of which failed but 1. This week felt so great to just let my hair down, turn on some music, and just make a mess - which is also something I've learned to embrace a lot more as a mother, haha! 

Speaking of being a momma, I let Leo come in after I got my photos for this shoot to let him play in all this mess. Here's some photos from that <3

I also created an editing time-lapse for this week too, of a different photo than the one I ended up featuring for this week, because I almost used that one instead! I went with that editing time-lapse because I didn't end up filming my edit for the photo I chose to feature. But, they were edited almost the same. 

At the end of the video, I put a little extra outtake if you want to sit through till the end <3