52 Weeks Project | Week 15 | The Grind


I welcome you to what it really looks like to be a photographer haha. That this is what we are actually doing 80% of the time we are hired to do a job. Between editing, emailing, scheduling, and planning with clients the majority of the work we do goes completely unnoticed and is unrecognizable. 

BUT, I'm not complaining over here. 

This hustle I'm currently experiencing is the result of about 10 years of solid dedication to my craft. 7 years experience of shooting weddings. And 4 years perfecting it running an independent LLC. So, despite the majority of what I do being unrecognized, I'm still over here on cloud 9 as I realize the efforts of my decade of dedication has people contacting me from all over. And that's something to be TRULY excited about!! 

While I am experiencing this intense hustle, I don't have much time to get creative with this project this week. BUT, I made myself put everything to the side tonight, embraced some simplicity, and decided to showcase something I'm pretty proud of right now :) 



At the beginning of the year I decided to tackle a room renovation in the house - my office. Something that is in much need of a facelift, overhaul, and organization. 

Now, because this year has been insanely busy, it's STILL a work in progress! One that will probably not be complete until this winter. But, my desk space is finished and I couldn't be happier about it <3

I did decide to finally upgrade my desk lamp, but couldn't get rid of my old one (I've had that old one on every desk since I was about 8!) so that'll have to have a special place all in it's own. 

The computer is a self built PC made for gaming and editing that's been around for nearly 5 years now (holy cow) and I wanted to keep - what I call my Tron speakers - because I bought the set around the time I was OBSESSED with the Tron Soundtrack and listened to that soundtrack on repeat for nearly a year (omg listen to this song, and this one, AND THIS ONE)

My WD Hard Drives are where I back up my work so everything is always in 3 physical places (And I have 1 more place online. Yeah, I'm paranoid haha!).

My desktop background is the art of the wonderfully talented Yuumei.

And my wooden desk top was actually made by my husband, Paul! It's really just two pine boards from Home Depot sanded and stained pretty costing less than $40. 

The drawer sets the pine boards are on top of are from IKEA. 

And of course, the accents came from two of my favorite places in the entire world... Home Goods and Target because really <3<3<3<3


There have already been many hours spent here at this new set up and a countless amount will be spent here over the next few months as I grind through this huge hustle - a hustle that has been well earned, greatly appreciated, and one that truly reflects how special this business has become <3

Ok, peace out really. Because this girl gotta work.