52 Weeks Project | Week 18 | The Photographer


Well, this week is another lazy one as each day and night is being spent on editing grinds. 

I thought about the irony of photographing my camera collection - taking pictures of the picture takers - and wanted this to just be something fun this week! 

This is a collection of cameras I have accumulated over the course of nearly 12 years. That little camera in the bottom right hand corner - the silver one - was my very first camera ever at the age of 16 (Kodak C315). I'm wearing the one that made me fall in love with photography (Sony DSC-H7). Strapped to my shoulder is my first DSLR ever purchased when I was 19 (Canon 50D). And a lot of these older film cameras are ones I acquired from my grandpa who, come to find out only a few years ago, practiced photography in his earlier days and even developed his own film in a dark room he built himself (WHAT).

It's amazing for me to actually take a minute, sit back, and really soak in the amount of time photography has been at the forefront of my mind. How it has become such a huge piece of me that it's become a staple in my personal identity and what people see me as. It's been my biggest passion, personally, this entire time. And is now what I make a living on chasing after that passion all because this girl at the age of 16 got that little Kodak camera as a Christmas gift from her grandparents (I wonder if they ever saw THAT coming, haha!)

The thing that makes me most excited about photography is there is always something new I can chase after. I can upgrade equipment, challenge myself with various projects, and even make money with it in so many different ways that I could change jobs a dozen times and still be a professional photographer somewhere doing something totally different than I did before. Right now, I specialize in weddings and portrait photography. But who knows.. later down the road I could be your friendly neighborhood landscape photographer. Or Astrophotographer. Or chasing some assignment for Nat Geo. 

The possibilities are endless as a photographer. Right now though, I'm happy exactly where I am at. And knowing I have the freedom to be as much or as little as I want to be is the biggest blessing of all.