52 Weeks Project | Week 17 | Runnin on Empty


What are you afraid will happen?
What terrifies you so that your blood
becomes glue and you refuse to move?
Let life happen, let it tear you to ribbons
and then, when it does, and it will,
watch the way they dance in all the wind.

-Tyler Knott Gregson


I want to expand on the poem above with the added reality of after the fact life tears you to ribbons, and you learn to watch it dance, that you have to retie them back together eventually. On your own. And allow for the ribbons to be their own new pattern. And that this process can take time. 

I get asked sometimes why I'm doing this personal project and how I've made it this far so far, and honestly, I feel like this is my attempt to retieing my ribbons. This entire project. And each week is me exploring a different ribbon - different pieces of me that have been flying around all over the place. And because it has that deeper meaning for me, it's giving me motivation in a way past attempts at this same project failed. 

I'll expand on all this a little more another week, since this week I'm running entirely on fumes. Even as I type this it's midnight and I've been up all day running on 4 hours of sleep. So, you have something to look forward to a little later down the road if you're following along :)