52 Weeks Project | Week 13 | The Solar Eclipse


This week something absolutely magical happened! 

My first solar eclipse. 

Now, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio so our view here was 90% totality. I couldn't drive down to 100% due to mommy duties, work, and weather conditions in the nearest spots to me. So, that still has me feeling a little bummed out but I thought I'd give it a chance here to see what this whole experience was going to be like. 

I have to admit that it ended up being much brighter than what I was expecting, but I still experienced a great sense of awe as the entire lighting of the 2:30pm August sky dimmed, the temperature dropped, and everything felt like it slowed down a little.

Now, editing this week's photo for me was a tricky one. Unfortunately I couldn't photograph the eclipse myself with my gear because I didn't have the right solar filter to keep my equipment from getting completely damaged. So, I considered the idea of photoshopping the eclipse in that I was able to see with my glasses. And I did successfully create one image. But, I didn't want to use it as the final because honestly, it felt inauthentic to my real experience. And made me feel weary of sharing it. Below is that "outtake" for the week.


The photo at the top of this post is the real one taken at the time of totality here. I edited the colors slightly and cleaned up the skyline in photoshop, but the rays of the sun are real. And if you look closely, I was able to catch the sun's corona looking rays that wrapped around the moon. But that 10% of light made it too bright during even a quick shutter speed to look like anything more than just a dim sun. I also managed to capture birds flying past, silently, across the sky during this phenomenon :)

The amazing thing to me though truly is the lighting that is surrounding me on this hill. The way I'm silhouetted and illuminated. The way the sky looks and the way the rays reflect is all so different than how it normally would photograph in these same conditions - time, day, and weather - if I were shooting anything else. 

All I can think about now is how much I want to see a total eclipse. Next one coming my way won't actually be too long from now, in 2024, where I'll be able to share it with my baby boy who will not be so baby anymore by then. But someone I can share the whole experience with and let him feel the magic as I did today but hopefully in a much deeper capacity. 

I did manage to vlog this whole experience! So if you're interested in watching the behind the scenes with this, be sure to watch the video below :)