52 Weeks Project | Week 10 | For the Love of Music

Music is unlike anything else that exists in this life. It is the one thing that can explain emotions we don't have words for. It can connect two total strangers. Families. Entire groups of people. It transcends all language barriers, cultures, and boundaries. And can be healing, transformative, and comforting through times that need a little extra. 

My hubby knows how big of a Hans Zimmer fan I am and surprised me with 2 tickets to see his concert this week down in Cincinnati. I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT OMG. I've been a fan of Hans Zimmer for as long as I can remember. But I remember first hearing his name when Gladiator came out, because my dad listened to the soundtrack non stop at the time of it's release. And, a lot of those songs became embedded into my 10 year old soul. 

But I've learned over the years that Hans Zimmer has made music that has impacted my life from almost my birth with Lion King. Then Gladiator, as I mentioned, which gave me songs that got me through high school. Then of course one of my favorite movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean, the newest Batman Triology, Inception, Man of Steel, and even the entire soundtrack for my favorite movie ever, Interstellar. And so. many. others. 


I figured it was worth putting together a list of my top favorite/most influential songs for me. Making this list was REALLY hard. To narrow down soundtracks that I adore and have listened to for hours on end.... :O

But, here it goes. 


1. The Battle [From The Gladiator Soundtrack] 
2. This is Clark Kent [From Man of Steel Soundtrack]
3. Cornfield Chase [From Interstellar Soundtrack]
4. This Land [From Lion King Soundtrack]
5. He's a Pirate [From Curse of the Black Pearl Soundtrack]
6. Elysium [From The Gladiator Soundtrack]
7. Wonder Woman Main Theme [From Wonder Woman Soundtrack]
8. Davy Jones [From Dead Man's Chest Soundtrack]
9. Time [From Inception Soundtrack]
10. Now We Are Free [From The Gladiator Soundtrack]


For those curious, #1 was my junior year of high school jam. It got me through that rough time. #2 connected me to motherhood even before Leo was ever a thought. #3 reminds me of my childhood adventures on all levels. #4 is pure magic. #5 fuels my inner rebel. #6 and #10 bring me so much peace. #7 well duh. lady power. #8 a song full of contrast and depth making a seamless symphony #9 just... really. all the feels. 

I'm going to be putting together a video for this week and including footage from the concert! But I have some client editing I need to catch up on first. So stay tuned for that update next week!