52 Weeks Project | Week 9 | Curiosity

In the past few weeks, I have been to Columbus twice. Indianapolis once. Downtown Cincinnati 3 times. And out to Hillsboro area, Caeser's Creek, Colerain, Mason, and multiple of other areas here in southern Ohio.

Needless to say, this gal is getting around with all these meetings, shoots, and weddings! But I love it. Driving. Being on the road. And embracing the curiosity of new places with an open heart and an endless amount of stubbornness to listen to my calls to adventure.

This week has been full. From seeing Dunkirk. To getting my husband a new bike for his upcoming adventure across the states to the west coast. To being mommy to Leo every minute I can (that's my favorite <3). To working on my office remodel. AND doing such a deep clean in the house that it feels brand new again. Which in turn has settled my mind a LOT. 

The craziness of everything this week has made me feel a bit chaotic and unsettled so this next week will be a whole lot of R&R in-between editing marathons playing catch up before the crazy begins. 

After this weekend I don't have a spare one until October! But I am determined to keep up with this 52 weeks project in the midst of it all. I don't have a video for this week since I had all of about 30 minutes to spare for shooting/editing for this project this week but above are some extra photos for this week.

See you next week <3