Mr + Mrs Yang | Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

This wedding with Jessica and Chris is an example of a candid day even though the day ran by a tighter schedule that ended up running smoothly (thank you rain for holding off!). And these two blended Chris's Chinese roots with a traditional American wedding very beautifully so capturing details for this wedding was so special <3

There is also a lot of other special things about this one. Jessica and Chris met in band in the 8th grade. And although they didn't like each other at first, their friendship grew, blossomed, and turned them into high school sweethearts eventually that has now brought them here. 

Want to know something fun? 

They went to prom together in high school. And the pin that pinned on Chris's boutineer was the same pin from prom day. <3_<3

And you know what else? 

Music is special to both of their families. And Jessica's dad is actually a band director! So with music being such a special part of their history as a couple and what bonds their family together, Jessica's dad performed a special surprise during the reception - a song written for them. So, there are some really real candids here in this set and I'm so excited to share them. 

Press play and enjoy.