Mr + Mrs Martin | A Cosplay Wedding in England

Well this is a special one. Because this wedding with Dan + Del was a first on two fronts - 1) An International wedding in England and 2) A Cosplay/Themed wedding ! 

These two lovebirds are total nerds and that's what started out our friendship well. From anime, video games, movies, comics, and even Dan's love of Star Wars can almost be matched to mine. So when they asked us to photograph their wedding, I couldn't say no! 

Dan and Del wanted something more laid back, fun, and less formal because their event wasn't formal. It was them in all it's meaning. From singing Disney songs at their ceremony, to an actual owl flying in the rings, to smoke bomb goodness during the posed portraits, to fighting the English winter wind that February often brings. It was more laid back for me on my end and we were also technically guests - so between enjoying ourselves, the moments happening, and being passive photographers for the day I have a smaller collection of photos than usual and have narrowed it down to my absolute favorites <3

Even though it took me WAY TOO LONG to get these up, we want to extend another, extra congrats to this amazing duo. These are some of my favorite photographs I've taken in a long, long time! A creative refresh for sure. 

We were in England for 2 weeks for this wedding. So if you'd like to see more photos and adventures from our travels over there, see more in this post here.

My hubby actually snapped a bunch of behind the scenes shots for me that I thought would be fun to include here. 

Til next time y'all.