England: 2017

Back in February, my husband and I took our sweet little babe to his homeland for the first time, England! Our main reason for going was because his cousin was getting married - and as well as being guests there, we were photographing the wedding together. 

But the trip turned into something much more than that when my parents decided to come along! My mom wanted to be an extra hand for the baby (which was much needed omg) and in turn my hubby got to show them his home town of Canterbury for the first time ever. 

My husband has been living here in the states since 2008 - the year we got married - so going home for him is always a real treat. A treat that we hope to make happen at least once a year from now on. 

While we were there though, we played tourists with my parents as much as possible and even I got to explore Canterbury in a way I'd never seen it before. And traveling with a baby added a whole new perspective and challenge for the trip that made it definitely harder, but worth it in so many, many, many ways. 

During our 2 weeks over there, we got to see a couple different castles, Stonehenge, London for a day, Paris another day, and still got plenty of time with friends and family. If you're interested in seeing more photos from the trip, or even reading in more detail about the places we went to, and some from our older trip as well, head over to my [travel blog] and see my post [here]. 

We went to London for only one thing - lunch. Lunch at a really special place that my mom requested for her birthday - Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea. It was Ramsay's first ever restaurant and our first time ever eating at a 3 Michelin Star place. Needless to say, the whole experience was completely unforgettable and the food was absolutely FAB. 

I've been to England a few times now over the years. First time being when I was just 17 - which opened up my love for traveling. And this trip went by way too quick but I'm so incredibly happy that I got to spend this particular visit sharing it all for the first time with my parents, the ones whom I told of all my adventures each time we returned home. I think it was nice for them to see all the places we have always talked about - and the place that raised my hubby as a baby, boy, and teenager. 

You're probably wondering where pictures from Paris are! But don't fret. That's coming in it's own post soon :) 

Stay tuned!