52 Weeks Project | Week 3 | A Walk Amongst the Shadows

I read once that true strength is within those of us that are not only willing to face the darkness, but are able to walk straight into it. Maybe not without fear, but brave enough to know that their light can shine no matter what walks among them. That this world is indeed full of peril but that no matter the darkness, there is always light to shine and hope to believe in.

I could also go into my theories of alternate dimensions/realities/universes that intertwine with our reality in this 3rd dimension of time and space that go beyond our human senses... but we can save that for another day :) 

Below is the images used to create the spirits in the photo above, and the end of the slideshow is the first photo I edited.. but didn't like how it turned out at all so I redid it making the one featured above. 

To make the spirits, I used my Jedi cloak from my costume that was made by my mom YEARS ago. I set up the shutter speed really slow to make it blur as I moved around the forest and then layered a bunch of the images together in photoshop to create the final product (There's a total of 6 photos making the final image)

This is also a remake of an OLD photo I took back in 2012! (Photo below) I've come a long way since then with my editing, knowledge base, and technology since then so remaking this image has been on my to do list for a while (I was never 100% satisfied with the one taken below)

And of course, here is this week's behind the scenes video: