Leo is ONE

I cannot believe the day is here. 

What is even happening. 

Our sweet baby boy turned 1 today. Which feels like it deserves a celebration for many different reasons (yay I managed to keep you alive baby Leo!! haha!) but mainly because this baby is the best baby. 

This road through motherhood has been a bumpy one so far for me and Leo has been the most patient baby through it all. He's so happy. Giggly. Smiley. Curious. And learns so fast. He's huge. But cuddly. Lovable. And so affectionate. I know it sounds cheesy and every parent says it... but I honestly can say that being his mommy is my greatest joy.  

This milestone is definitely punching me in the feels though. Feels of all sorts. Because him turning one means he's moving away from baby stage and into toddler stage. And baby Leo made me so incredibly excited [most of the time] about being a mommy to a baby. The snuggles. Bottle feeds. Baby coos. And even the cozy car pack ups with all the stuff he needed (mom thing?). 

This next stage is a new unfamiliar territory for me. But not totally unknown like the baby stage was. The bigger the kid, the more comfortable I naturally am and well, with my new momma spirit unlocked with a year of mommying under my belt now AND some previous toddler experience from my teacher days, I have a feeling this next stage is going to be pretty great. 

Besides, how could it not be?

And of course, a little extra present from this wonderful shoot. 

It was too perfect not to capture some video while we were there. So, enjoy that below.