Happy Easter | Quick Update From Yours Truly

At the end of this week, my little Leo here will be turning 1. ONE. Already?! How does that time go so quick?! I'll definitely be doing a special 1 year post here for you guys all to see, not to mention a photoshoot decked out in an awesome studio up in Dayton (omg so excited), and probably some home videos shared too. Leo's birthday party with friends and family will be next weekend and I'll be spending any spare minute I can on making things for it between now and then (it's going to be a jungle theme!). 

But something fun I wanted to do when these spring blossoms started coming in was get an updated photo(s) with my little spawn! Last year on Easter, I was 8 months pregnant and took the photo below: 


And now, for Easter 2017, here we are :)

I remember last year feeling sad that Easter ended up not being Leo's first holiday (4th of July actually was!) but that I wanted to make this Easter extra special since his birthday is literally right around the corner, I have a whole year of mommyhood under my belt now, and well, it's this baby's first Easter - and last FIRST holiday!

So, in honor of all of that, here is our little mini photoshoot that happened the day we explored Ault Park together just mommy and son :) 

Happy Easter!!