A Quick Update From Yours Truly

Well, I think it's about time for an update! 

There is so much happening for me right now. I just got settled back into normal life after being on the road constantly over in England and shooting my first international wedding over there (holy wow.. what?!). My little baby Leo is already the size of a toddler now and is now 11 months old! Which means I'm also in the process of planning his 1st birthday celebrations!! (And you can imagine there's gonna be a lot of things happening for that...) But speaking of our little baby Leo... he turned 10 months old while we were over in England. So of course I had to do a little mini photoshoot of him on the day! And I'm so happy the sunshine came out for a bit to say hello <3

NOTE TO LEO: Sorry kiddo for making you into the kid from
the Christmas story. But mommy was scared of the wind making you too cold, :x

For those of you who don't know and would love to see a whole other side to my photography... I document every trip I ever go on! And have since I was 17!! I started a travel blog a couple years ago and even blogged the majority of even my past adventures in the last 10 years and it pretty much maps out my journey as a photographer! And I will be doing a few posts soon specifically for this trip in England and France over on that blog. Follow that blog to stay updated with my adventures and travels! 



I'm also gearing up for my wedding season to officially start up here next week and as of today I can say I'm officially booked up for the entire 2017 year! WHAT WHAT. *silent cheers and high 5's to myself* BUT good news - I'm officially taking bookings for the 2018 year and would love to hear from you if you or someone you know is getting married! (email me: brooketownsendphotography@gmail.com)

I'm also getting a LOT better about using instagram for showing my most current work and behind the scenes things happening! I have two accounts over there. One for my main photography @brooketownsendphoto and my personal account which shows my daily life, behind the scenes, travel, and all the cuteness of my baby and puppy (who is actually a 7 year old, 65 lb, lab/collie mix) which can be found at @brookentownsend. So feel free to follow along there and see what this gal is up to.