52 Weeks Project | Week 27 | My Twenty Eighth Year


I officially turned 28 on Saturday. And as I usually do around this time of year, I've entered a state of some self reflection. Everything I've done since my last birthday. Everything I wanted to do but didn't get a chance to. And how I want my next year to go. 

27 was a good year for me. And I cannot put into words how appreciative I am for all the opportunies that presented themselves, and the ones I was able to seize.

I did a lot of things I never thought I'd do. I dyed my hair. I jumped out of an airplane at 14,000 ft. I traveled to England with a 10 month old taking him to Stonehenge and various places around the south east of England. I got to travel to a new country, France, on the Eurostar and spent a day in Paris with Paul and my parents. I also got to visit my favorite city, London, for a day and got to eat in a 3 Michelin Star restaurant also with my parents (both things are equally as surprising lol). I took my first official step into astrophotography this year and got a piece of mine featured in an exhibit in downtown Cincinnati. I lost 15lbs and gained some self confidence back for the first time since having Leo. My business grew bigger this year than any previous year. I'm even ending the year with getting one of my weddings published with a big wedding blog website (that I'll have more details on later). And, I saved up enough money to surprise Paul with a trip to Vegas for the two of us for his 30th birthday and officially made my first visit out west in doing so. 

To pick even a few favorite moments from this year is way too hard. 

So to say the least, this year has been so incredibly good to me. I'm happier than I was last year. I put myself back into my life more. I made time for family, friends, and even for myself more (thanks to this project)


Dear Twenty Eight year old Brooke, 

It's going to be hard for you to even compare to 27. To live up to it. But I think what I want most from you is to learn how to "adult" better. To learn how to use your time more wisely and put you back into your own life. To gain some more personal time and to be more present with family and friends when the times asrise. To create a more efficient business workflow by working smarter and not harder. To make more while doing less. To allow others to help you more and understand that it takes a village to build a city and entire city to build an empire. 

Most importantly, I want you to remember what's most important amongst the chaos of life. That the people in your life matter most amongst it all. That being a mother to Leo during his youngest days will only come once in your life. So enjoy it as much as possible. Let him be little. And let yourself bottle it up as much as you can right now because what you're living right now will someday only be memories that you wish you could relive again. 

Lastly, let yourself enjoy yourself more. Don't feel guilty for having free time. You don't have to utilize every single second of your day toward achieving something. You're allowed to breathe. To rest. And have fun. And you're allowed to not think about work every once in a while. In fact, to live the more balanced life that you seek, you need to.

So, get on with it! haha! 

Love from your more
obnoxiously impatient,
younger 27 year old self. 


Below is a timelapse of this week's edit! It was more time consuming than difficult, honestly.
But I have to admit it's the most magical photo I've created in this project up to this point :]