52 Weeks Project | Week 31 | Reflections


This week was a perfect example of the creative process.

It was a struggle this week coming up with a photo for this 52 weeks project. I did a shoot with a whole concept in mind. I got myself all dolled up and spent all yesterday afternoon shooting it and editing it only to completely fail at my concept idea. 

Which, honestly just happens sometimes. 

So I attempted many different edits, trying to use the same photos for it to not be a complete waste of time, all to which create nothing that REALLY satisfied me. 

Maybe I'm too hard on myself. And maybe I expect too much. 

But, determined not to give up on this week, I decided to break one of my personal rules for this project - take NEW photos and make something NEW each week.

I went digging through my archives and found some photos I never really did anything with from TWO YEARS ago! I opened them up in photoshop and began to play around and see what I could make. And after hours and hours of attempting edits on photos I took yesterday, I created something I thoroughly enjoyed and was proud of within just a few minutes using these old photos. 

And that's what you see above. 

Creativity is a funny thing. Because it feels like it's often a separate voice inside me, communicating these ideas that come from seemingly nowhere, but then my logic battles the creativity more often than not making it incredibly difficult to just let the creativity take over. And more often than not in the past, that led me to give up on my creative projects. 

But this time round, I feel enough power against the logic to let creativity win more. Because failure is only ever an obstacle to get over. To get past. And to essentially learn something from. So when you can give yourself enough patience, self respect, and time, you really can overcome just about anything in the creative process.

And this week is a prime example of that. 

Keep pushing. Keep trying. And just keep on makin. Because only in the act of doing can we ever truly achieve anything.