52 Weeks Project | Week 26 | The Gamer


I've been playing video games since I can remember. My first one I can remember is Dark Forces on PC where I played with my dad in '95. Of course I was introduced to Super Mario even earlier than that, Atari games, and then Tomb Raider at the tender age of 6. Lara Croft became my idol for the rest of my youth - and even now! - so video games have had a pretty huge impact on my life. 

In what ways you ask? Well.. 

My entire family bonded together when Ocarina of Time came out. And that's all we did together one winter. When PS2 came out, TimeSplitters ignited a love and a huge personal skill with FPS's. When Knights of the Old Republic came out, I discovered a love for RPG's. And I joke all the time to my mom that Burnout taught me how to drive. (She might actually agree with me now) My friends and I spent our entire Christmas break one year taking 1 hour turns playing Animal Crossing - and watching the others when we weren't playing. Smash Brothers almost broke said friendships. Star Wars Galaxies was the first MMO I ever played and it LITERALLY changed my life forever because it was how my husband and I met and "dated". (Ask me about that sometime hah!) And my favorite job I ever held before doing photography full time was working at Gamestop selling video games and finding "my people" amongst my time there. 

It's no secret that I really am a nerd at heart. And although I don't have as much time to play video games as I used to, it's usually my go to when I get a spare minute to myself these days. 

That being said, this week inbetween the busyness of my husband turning 30, Thanksgiving, and my own birthday coming up on Saturday, I've been taking some time to "defrag" playing lots of Cities: Skylines. I've always loved builder type games or anything I can get creative (Minecraft and Little Big Planet stole my life for a long time).

But I'm hoping this winter I'll be able to dive back into Horizon Zero Dawn, finish that up. Finally play through Uncharted 4. And even tackle the Mass Effect series because time got taken away for me to really ever sit down and go through that (do you see a theme to my life here? haha)

Anyway, I'm going to wrap this up so I can get in a little more playtime tonight. 

'Til next time, nerds.