52 Weeks Project | Week 25 | The West


"I always wondered why birds always stayed in the same place
when they could fly anywhere in the world. 

Then I asked myself the same thing."


This week's particular photo means a lot to me for 3 reasons.

One. I finally made it out west!! Which has been a dream of mine to make it out to for longer than I can even remember. 

Two. When I was a kid, I used to love to draw. And I specifically remember a time where my dad taught me how to draw perspective in pictures by making the foreground objects much bigger than the background. And he drew out a desert mountain scene with a road stretched out in a straight line towards it. And while driving around out west, and in this particular moment photographed for this week, it reminded me of those old drawings. And how I doodled probably 100 desert and mountain scenes practicing myself. It was such a treat to see such real desert scenes up close and in person that we used to draw together. 

Three. When I was in my early 20's, I came across a photo online that struck me. The photo was of a girl walking down a road signifying her walking away from the troubles of her past. Letting go of everything that no longer served her. And since then, I wanted to recreate a photo similar to it but I always envisioned walking down a road in the desert. And well, here I am. I wish I knew who that original photographer was. But you can see [that photo here]. 


So why was I out west? Well, it wasn't just for this project. 

The reason was actually for a big surprise that I put together for Paul's upcoming birthday with a trip to Vegas for just the two of us because he's turning the big 3-0 next week! We rented a Ford Mustang, went tearing around in the desert, explored the city, and got to be kids for a couple of days. Even though I got sick, it still meant a lot to me to finally give him something so big because usually he is the one giving me the world.

We got to see the Hoover Dam, walked the entire strip of Vegas, zip lined across Fremont Street downtown, and made it out north of the city to the Valley of Fire which was honestly my favorite part of the entire trip. I'll be doing a separate post with all my photos from that little adventure. But for now, here's a couple of extras that were considered as the final image for this week near the rainbow vista in the Valley of Fire.

And by the way, thank you Paul for being my photographer since my suitcase was too little to pack a tripod :)