52 Weeks Project | Week 22 | Stranger Things


Stranger Things season 2 comes out today!!! I'm so excited about it that I had to dedicate this week to the show. I'm not even kidding you too, I had the song playing on a loop while I was shooting this in our living room. 

Also, fun fact about me.

I've always been drawn to the supernatural/paranormal/weird stories you hear in life.

Things that break the mundane and challenge the views of the established world. I'm a firm believer in the crazy, due to my own personal experiences, and become completely intrigued when I hear of other people's stories of their encounters with the supernatural.

And I suppose that's why I get so excited about things like Stranger Things. This whole idea of something beyond our world - beings existing in realms we cannot conceive with our limited human senses - truly excites me. And I believe it to such a degree that very little surprises me anymore.

And sometimes, I find myself wanting to just face that whole unknown and walk right into the doorways it may lead to. To embrace the adventure and face the fear it all inevitably gives. 

But, I suppose that's also the dreamer in me. 


Also, fun fact, I'm a pretty big Tomb Raider fan. And these images are giving me a big Lara Croft vibe. But one of these weeks, I plan to do more of a complete cosplay and dedication to her <3

'Til next week y'all!