52 Weeks Project | Week 21 | A Light in the Dark

in the dark, 
found light
brighter than many ever see.

within herself, 
found loveliness, 
through the soul's own mastery. 

And now the world receives
from her dower:
the message of the strength
of inner power. 

-Langston Hughes

If you know me, I'm a HUGE fan of twinkle lights, Christmas lights, and pretty much any lights in general. I suppose that love of light is a huge pull into photography for me too because being a photographer, you have to be very mindful of the light and use it to your ways.

That reminds me, my dad once called me the "Master Light Bender" and I am totally ok with it. 

Being such a lover of lights, when I heard about Blink Cincinnati, I knew I HAD to jump on the chance to explore it and see what magic was covering the city downtown. So after my shoot on Sunday, I explored around a little with one of my best friends. We walked all the way from the banks to Findlay Market and all the streets inbetween and we both documented our journeys along the way. My photos are below.  

It was so, so, so amazing to see Cincinnati in such a new way and people of all ages out walking the streets enjoying it all. So, needless to say, we walked away from this event feeling totally inspired! And I knew I had to dedicate this week to the magic this event was somehow.

And to play on the word "lights" as well, I'm seeing my one of my favorite musicians named LIGHTS tonight at Q102's Bosom Ball with another one of my good friends! I'm so excited about it :) Follow along on the grams if you want to see some from that :) 

Anyway, til next week y'all.