52 Weeks Project | Week 20 | Ready to Drop


The soul usually knows
what it needs to heal itself.
The challenge is to silence the mind.

I've reached a new level of exhaustion this week running completely on adrenaline, caffeine, and music to give me enough energy to make it through a basic day now. 

It probably sounds crazy, but I do oddly enjoy challenging myself through this craze. Finding ways to push past the limitations my body demands. But, ultimately, I do have to listen to it every once in a while. Because I'm now at a point now where I fall asleep just about anywhere and nearly every square inch inside of me is filled with anxiety, stress, and feeling incapable of basic motor functions most days. lol. 

I did however manage to make it outside the house for a personal tour of the back yard the other night. Paul told me about this amazing fog that rolled in and said I should go take a look at it. So I peeled myself away from my editing binge to take a look and fell absolutely in love.

I quickly ran back inside, grabbed my camera, and went for a little midnight walk around the yard <3 I'm so happy I did. Thank you so much Paul <3 

The end of the crazy busy season is near and winter is coming (yessssssss). So, a much needed break is closer than ever before. And I cannot wait to embrace a little digital detox and find some balance again.

PS: Thank you to everyone who I've met with the last couple months, photographed, chased around pretty fields, ran through the rain with, taken long drives to see, captured magical light with, and music/podcasts that has kept me going through these editing grinds. Regardless of how busy and tired this job makes me through this season, it is still the best one in the entire world for me and I'm literally living my dream come true. THANK YOU.