52 Weeks Project | Week 19 | Hope


The state of the world is complete chaos right now. And my heart is completely broken by what happened this week in Vegas. My heart goes out to each and every single one of you affected by this insane incident. I hope you especially get some answers for your loved ones and know all of us are with you in this time. 

Let's not forget that amongst all the evil happening in this world, there is still so much good happening too. And that the good far outweighs the complete evil in this world. That in any time of crisis, you'll see the best come out of a lot of people with a basic instinct to help in any way that they can. Times where they push their own problems to the side and focus entirely on fixing the task at hand. The stories of those people helping each other during this insane crisis has been lifting my spirits this week. 

So, I want to spread as much light and as much goodness as possible. To remind people that amongst the darkest days, there is still so much to live for in this world. And remembering that and embracing that can give us strength to build this world into something better. 

So here's to you world. A little love from this Ohioian refusing to give up on humanity. 


The song choice for this post was from a sweet moment of seeing
Paul in my parents garage, practicing quick draw, listening
to this tender song this week. I couldn't help but feel overcome with
appreciation and love for life in that moment and felt as though it was
extremely appropriate to share for all the victims and their families. 

My thoughts, prayers, and wishes are with you all this week.