Megan + Adam | An Elopement in Cincinnati, OH

Megan and Adam are two people who were wanting something totally unique and intimate for their wedding. They didn't want everything that came with a wedding day and with most of their family being out of town, they decided to keep it very intimate. So, an elopement is the way they wanted to go! 

Instead of just showing up at the courthouse, they chose to tie the knot on the Purple People Bridge and had an officiant meet them there. They dressed up all fancy (Megan wore her own mother's wedding dress!!), got some pretty flowers from the amazing Gia and the Blooms in OTR, made dinner reservations for two, and hired me to follow them around and document it all! We did all their formals through OTR, got some eats at Krueger's Tavern (thanks bartender for the free drinks!), and they even had their "cake cutting" at OTR's Macaron Bar!

It was funny because as we making our way around town, we got asked a few times if Megan and Adam were modeling for me (because really these two look straight out of a magazine am I right?!) but we assured them this whole thing was real. Raw. Authentic. And honestly after getting to know them more, this is just the exact style of them. It was truly beautiful! This was my first time ever photographing an elopement but I have to say it is my new favorite thing!! 

Anyway, enough chit chat from me. Press play below and enjoy these.