Personal Reflections: A Stormy Summer


This world. This life. Sometimes I literally cannot wrap my mind on the things that happen in it. 

With the constant battle of terrorist attacks, political scheming, and the continuing injustice in our government and all the systems it entails, my heart breaks. Most days I can handle it. But after the recent shootings and mishap happening in the Hillary Clinton case, I literally shut down yesterday and now I'm up before the crack of dawn drowning in a sea of my own thoughts. 

Maybe this stuff gets to me easier now because I'm a mother. And I think about the world my baby will one day be stepping into. And what world I would like my baby to grow up into - one I feel responsible to leave behind for him. But the rest of the world is spiraling into chaos from lack of leadership, moral obligations, and social divisions that just seem like such ancient ways of thought to me. The world I want is one where it follows the basic philosophy of live and let live. To be free from racism, greed, corruption, and this idea that we have to control each other on all levels.

I want a society evolved passed this. One that is above it all... as a whole. As a people of all kinds - because honestly that's the exact ideals this country was founded for. And what is worse is people calling me naive for such a way of thinking. That the basic idea we all deserve happiness is impossible. And yes, it is a resonsiblitiy and journey for the individual to undertake - but what would happen to our society if we all stepped beyond the current ideals and ways of thinking that are holding us back? Isn't it glorious to think about?

Why does it have to be so far out of reach? 


I want to create a society, and a world, where the individual is free enough to be all he or she wants passed our psychological barriers. Passed the broken homes, abuse, poverty, and even the trappings of privileged life. This life is meant to be experienced to its fullest and too many are rightfully afraid to chase after it. Too many are bogged down by the overbearing and outdated ideas of our current society. A society that has been skewed for political gain, social greed, and the barbaric need for power over others. Freedom is a state of mind more than anything and if we all lived that way and truly believed in that we could see more of the world I deem a necessity become a reality. 

Believe it or not, all of these photos were taken within 30 minutes of each other. My friend and I went chasing after a summer storm a couple years back and somehow through the business of life I forgot about these gems. It is still one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed and quite metaphorical to our current situation. The very first photo - dark, ominous and unclear on the right and a rainbow after the break of storm on the left... and then the photo below was taken in the same exact spot right before we headed home and I like to think of this bottom one as the road to the world I want us all to be in.