Sometimes we all need reminders that our problems really are so small in comparison to the rest of the universe - which is something so vast and complicated that we can't even begin to truly understand it. And that's what these stars remind me of on the daily. That this world is just one spec of dust within clouds of others. That time is relative and our human experience is just a quick second of time. It's hard to know the point of life's existence when there seems to be nothing else out there (that we've discovered anyway) but I find a beauty in the idea that we have the ability to make it anything we want it to be and we ourselves are the ones that create the meaning of life. 

So here's my way of making life what I want it to be - fun filled, adventurous, and full of creative days chasing after the stars in the night. Making memories with the people I love and surrendering time to the rest. 

I love you, life.