Well!! I’m very happy to announce that my baby boy is finally here!

Please meet and welcome Leo Christopher Townsend – the first Townsend boy to be born in America!(his daddy is British)

Leo was born on April 21st at 1:29 am weighing 8lb 11oz and measured 21 inches long! His arrival into this world was a little rocky… but he was a tough little tiger and to everyone’s surprise came out completely unscathed. Eventually I will go through all the photos from the hospital and write out our birth story, but for now, I wanted to share his newborn photos

This little guy amazes me with his strength already and even his doctor agrees he’s more like a 1 month old than his current 2 week age. He’s already able to roll over onto his side, drinks 5 oz during his feeds, sleeps 3-5 hours at a time, and has such a calm and gentle spirit that makes his roaring cries so much easier to deal with <3 Getting to know him over these past couple weeks since birth has been an absolute treasure… and adventure! And honestly, I’m so excited to watch him grow. For now though, I will enjoy the endless cuddles during our 3am feeds, his adorable newborn suckles and coos, and his natural ability to curl up into a little ball every time he lays across my chest <3