Well!! Today, I have some extremely exciting news to bring! And that is…


Now, don’t panic. I’m not leaving this photography business. There’s no way I could drop such a huge passion of mine or give up on something I’ve been building for 7 years! No.

What I mean is the fact I’m leaving my day job for good! I’m giving myself the chance to focus 100% on this little business of mine and to embrace the inevitable changes motherhood is soon going to be giving me.

I’ve been working a full time job on the side to pay the bills since the age of 17. I didn’t really grow up with the luxury of having parents/family being able to pay for the things I “needed” in life and accepted a TON of responsibility at a very young age which cost me a lot of mula. Between getting married at 18 to my amazing husband [and father to my growing spawn], but also accepting the immigration process at that age [yep folks, I married a Brit :D!], starting my photography business shortly after, traveling, and in general just trying to figure life out… bills grew heavy and life demanded the security of a full time job until I could figure out how to get my business off the ground. And that has been a process for over 6 years for me. In that time, I worked as a Preschool Teacher, a Photographer at a portrait studio oh, so many good stories there, an assistant manager at GameStop, and finally as a store manager for the past 3 years at a local UPS Store all the while running my business on the side – but realistically these past couple years my business has taken the spotlight and been a full time gig! Which, I’m so grateful and blessed for <3

But TODAY of all days marks the ENDDDD of the day job reign. Debts have been paid. Immigration has been completed…and has been for a few years now. And my business is strong enough to stand on it’s own two feet! My baby is due to make his big debut in 20 days but between his exciting arrival and my focus towards my photography shifting…. it almost feels as though I’m mothering TWO babies this month!! And I’m so excited about that! 

Now, if you don’t like cheesy stories, you may want to go ahead and click far away from the rest of this one because it’s probably the pregnancy hormones getting me all excited to tell a story….

Because let’s be real….

I’ve dedicated SO MUCH of my life and time towards making this happen! Between that endless persistence on my end and the help of my amazing husband working with me by my side I can honestly say that I feel as though my journey has completed! I remember starting out at the very young age of 16 with this whole photography thing just as a hobby… carelessly and freely running around the world capturing photos of things that moved and inspired me [mostly photos of caterpillars, flowers, and trees but we all start somewhere right?]. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, what kind of photographer I wanted to be, or even the kind of woman I wanted to be! But, I looked forward and took to traveling the world [well some of it] and figured out pretty fast that photography really was what I’m meant to chase.

Then it didn’t take long for me to dive straight in, head first, balls to the walls starting up my first LLC at the ripe age of 19…. had to go through all the endless, tiring, tedious trials of being a young business owner… self-teaching myself…. and traveling down all the avenues of ameaturism yeah I know I just made that word up to professionalism….. learning how to become an actual business woman over being just an artist… and well…. even though I’m not a know-it-all completely and still have lots to learn, I’ve come a LOOOONG way from where I started and I’m pretty darn proud of the whole thing. There have been so many sleepless nights in these past few years where I laid awake wondering if I had what it took inside me to make this dream of mine become a reality. I wondered if I’d ever have that A-HAH moment where I would be able to step outside the comforts and securities of a day job and embrace the scary world of self-employment. And well, here I am looking at that decision right in the face throwing caution to the wind with a huge grin and a soul eager to prove my absolute devotion to it all. To be living the dream of what one teenage girl barely thought possible in herself is something I wish I could tell my early 20’s self that all this hard work you’re putting in WILL PAY OFF.

Below are a few photos from over the past 6 years just to remember
where I started and how far I’ve come to get to this point!