I'm always looking for my next adventure - big or small. Whether it means traveling on the road to somewhere new, flying, biking, hiking, or tackling a new challenge/goal... adventure in all senses of the word is what fuels me in this life.

People often ask me how I can manage to afford for traveling and honestly it's mainly because I don't do a whole lot else. I buy a few new clothes about once a year, limit the amount of times I eat out (and go out in general), I don't have cable (and haven't for years now), hardly ever rent/buy movies or games anymore (borrow a lot of that stuff or find a way to get it for free hah), and in general have worked to pay off a lot of the debts that I had to my name. I also only shoot with the only most necessary equipment I need for my photographic style and only buy new equipment when the old needs replaced (which isn't often). But, in general, I've been working towards being more self sustainable, living more simply, and have always sought to embrace the things that matter most in this life to me.

And that could be summed up into one word - Experience.

Experience buys much more richness than any materials could ever fill. Experience brings knowledge, culture, understanding, love, adventure, and stories that are absolutely worth telling. It separates you from the mundane. The kind of mundane that slowly kills and creates regret for those lucky enough to reach old age - and I want to get there... but arrive with an enriched soul full of the same wonder and appreciation for life that drove me through my childhood. And traveling gives that to me. Experience does that for me. And it could for everybody.

So, I'm happy to say, in 2017 I will be making my way over to England to photograph a wedding with my husband and also getting a new stamp in my passport from the country of France as we spend a day in Paris there. And I cannot WAIT. I hope to try and embrace astrophotography and let that passion drive me new places and also some film photography as well. Because, why not? Life is too short to live any other way than exactly how you want to be.