Rachel + Ryan | Wedding in Augusta, KY

Well this is an incredibly special story for Rachel + Ryan. Their wedding day rang as a deep reminder of why photography is so important on a wedding day - but also, more importantly, how special it is for family to be a part of it. 

Rachel + Ryan have a special love and you can tell these two really enjoy each other's company. They also seem to give each other a strength in their love that only makes the other better for it <3 On their day, Ryan was dealing with the unfortunate reality of his mother passing soon and it was a question whether she would be able to make it to their day or not. But, as she would have had it I'm sure, she was lucky enough to spend her last moments with her son watching him get married to the love of his life and it was so precious for us to photograph them together not only with each other, but with their whole family.

Rachel + Ryan's wedding was a celebration - of life, love, and pure, infinite happiness. And these two lovebirds spared none of it despite the situation. It was a real honor and joy to be a part of this whole event and I think these photos ring true to the deepest, heartfelt moments from their day. 

Rachel + Ryan, you two rock. And I hope you enjoy these for forever <3

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Rachel + Ryan - congrats from the bottom of my heart!!
You two are the greatest and I hope you will use these photographs
to cherish and remember how truly happy and wonderful your wedding day was <3