Fall Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

With the holidays arriving and here at our doorstep, I'm welcoming them with open and loving arms this year for 2 reasons. 1) this is Leo's year of firsts! and 2) this is my first year able to actually ENJOY them since I'm not working in retail anymore! And so, of course, all the documenting naturally happens. (As it should!!)

A couple days ago, we made a family trip out to a local farm to get some pumpkins from. I always like to try and support local anytime that I ever can and the Garver family farm is seriously the cutest little place and everyone we've met is so friendly!

After the farm, we went on a walk through the woods. I asked Paul to take a few snapshots of Leo and I because I really can't get enough of Leo, his size, his age, and this baby stage as a 6 month old. I am really understanding why parents have always said "I love you more and more everyday" because that phrase applies so heavily with me and Leo. As he grows, my love does too. And there just isn't enough time in the day I could spend embracing that and capturing that for me to remember this time forever <3 

But, once again, thank you photography <3<3<3